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Originally designed and built for our family of six, Stumpfields was a work in progress for over 8 years. Our acre and a half is set in the middle of 10 acres of undeveloped land with reserve national forest flanking our back boundary.  The three cottages all have stunning views overlooking our gardens, horse pastures, cliffs, rugged ridges, valleys covered in a patchwork of tea, and tiny hamlets.  Its hard to believe this oasis of peace and beauty its just seven kilometers from bustling Ooty, one of India's most popular tourist destinations.

Edible herb garden, help yourself!
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We urge only resilient, nature-loving, independent, resourceful, adventuresome people to book a holiday here. Its a wild and steep terrain, and at night you will not hear the noise of traffic, but rather the sound of wind in the trees, owls in the dark, rain on the roofs, bird and animal calls.  While the evenings may have firelight, candles and electricity, once the lights are out, it will be pitch dark all around.  When skies are clear the stars and moon are perhaps the most beautiful you will ever see.  Its something about being in the mountains 8,000 ft high, with no pollution covering the atmosphere. Other times of the year, especially in the monsoon, it's just incredibly dark.  


Away from the hustle and bustle of Ooty town, Stumpfields is a peaceful, family-friendly retreat, overlooking tea estates, wild forest, and mountain ridges. Parties, loud music and excessive drinking are not welcome at our home. Guests are asked to respect the quiet hours from 10 pm to 8am. We have staff here during the day to support guests, and at night, they are only a phone call away should there be any concerns.



  • Fully equipped luxury self-catered kitchens in each cottage (Tea, coffee, powdered milk, spices, oil, sugar provided)

  • "Book A Cook" option*

  • Hotel staff on site 9 am to 5 pm 

  • Open Fireplaces, wood stove, oil heater

  • Outdoor Fire Pit and BBQ*

  • Outdoor seating

  • Iron and board

  • Laundry*

  • Housekeeping

* Available for an extra fee


Some portions of our 300 meter drive is paved, while others are mud. Expect challenge and adventure.

The mountains of Ooty are also very cool year round, especially at night.  While the indoors are warm and cozy, the mountain air outside is brisk!  For those who want room service, wifi, TV's, a restaurant, and 24-hour staff service we recommend you book a hotel in the town of Ooty. Come here ready to unplug from emails and the internet, TV's and movies, and try curling up by the open fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Let your body and mind re-set and re-charge as you decompress and let the nature around you remind you there is a different way to live.